Best stay in and around Srirangam. Highly recommended. Hassle free location (near Chennai-Trichy bypass) to check-in after long drive from Chennai. Contact less check-in through whatsapp. Sanitised room and clean. Kid friendly calm surroundings. Excellent view point from top of building.

Sai Ram Ramakrishnan - Deluxe Double Room

Star accommodation at budget prices. Courteous staff, clean rooms. If you choose for a temple tour around Srirangam and Trichy area, I suggest you this place for a peaceful and safe stay.

Anand Rajendran - Deluxe Double Room

Had the most amazing stay with the most hospitable staff and management. They helped me with everything I needed. The rooms are too good for this price point. Will definitely be coming back every time I visit Trichy.

Dr. Senthil - Family Suite Room

Excellent quality rooms. Nice. Spacious!

Karthikeyan - Family Suite Room

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